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Jeff Berlin

“ A mile of road takes you a mile. A mile of runway brings you the world. A camera in hand opens that world.”
Meet Sony Artisan
Jeff Berlin

Not long ago ago, Jeff Berlin received a call from a TV producer friend. “Can you do what you do but make it move,” he asked. Jeff didn’t need to be asked twice. Based in Downtown Los Angeles with Hollywood just down the road, it seems natural that Jeff has organically transitioned to conveying his fresh, clean style in motion pictures. With two short films and one feature-length film on the slate for 2015, Jeff has embraced the moving picture while staying true to his still photographer roots. Born, raised and first picking up his camera in New York City, Jeff has also lived and worked in Milan and Paris, shooting fashion, beauty and celebrity portraits for editorial and commercial clients like L’'Oreal, Vogue Italia, British Elle, Esquire, Miss Vogue, Madame Figaro and others. Jeff is also an experienced aviator, a widely published aviation writer, and was editor of Plane and Pilot, Pilot Journal and PilotMag magazines.

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