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Joe Brady

“Ask yourself why you are taking a photograph. If you can’t answer the question, rethink and recompose until you can and success will follow.”
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Joe Brady

Joe Brady is a landscape and portrait photographer, educator, author, photo workshop leader and co-owner of Dragonfly Studio in Warwick, NY, who has been teaching photography and photo editing for over twenty years. Joe feels that every Landscape photograph is a portrait and like any great portrait, it needs to say something about the subject. It should be clear why you took a particular image from that point of view. You should get a sense of the environment, the weather, the aromas of the place. Every image should also have a bit of the photographer in it - you should be communicating your wonder and excitement at having the opportunity to record a beautiful moment in time - one that may never happen exactly this way again. As an instructor, his goal is to see other aspiring photographers have that success in their photography so that they can experience the pleasure and joy that has made photography so rewarding for Joe.

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