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Michael Britt

“When shooting a portrait, I strive to capture a relaxed, peaceful moment that presents the subject’s best self, leaving the viewer intrigued and a little awestruck.”
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Michael Britt

Michael Britt is photographer, technologist, writer, blogger, speaker and educator who immerses himself into new technologies and then shares his experience.  He wrote the workflow guide that shipped with Adobe Lightroom 1.0, held the first conference about DSLR Video and co-wrote a corresponding book for collegiate photo departments that was released in 9 countries and translated into 7 languages.  Michael is an active advisory board member for the Santa Monica College photo department as well as for Cypress College, where he also designed a Digital Technician Certificate.  With over 30 years of photographic experience, Michael has been influential in the photography market as a leader in the transition to digital and as a sought after speaker at prestigious events.

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