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Matthew Buckman

“Video is a collection of well-executed images that work together to tell a story through sight, sound, and emotion. In many ways it’s the ultimate art form.”
Meet Sony Artisan
Matthew Buckman

Matt fell in love with film and video while sitting in a theater watching the film The Royal Tenenbaums. For the first time he truly felt the power of a great soundtrack combined with incredible visuals and emotional storytelling. After working a couple of years as a photographer at an agency, he started I Do Films with his wife to pursue his filmmaking passion. Within two years of starting the company they won their first awards. Since then, Matt has filmed everywhere from Argentina to Yorkshire to St. Tropez. He has filmed at some of the most prestigious locations the world has to offer. His clients include TV personality Seth Meyers, pro athletes Jared Allen and Max Scherzer, Chicago Cubs co-owner Laura Ricketts, Sandals Resorts, and Neenah Paper. Matt’s favorite moment is when he’s up at 6am capturing the sunrise at as the rest of the world sleeps. He’s at his filmmaking best when moments are spontaneous and he loves to incorporate a touch of humor in everything he creates. Over the last few years Matt and his wife have created a video agency called Show & Tell. With this company they focus on helping companies understand what kind of videos their business can benefit from.