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Justin Jung

“The artistry of photography and filmmaking allows me to capture multiple aspects of life. Filmmaking gives movement and emotions to my stories while a photograph holds those pivotal moments in time.”
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Justin Jung

Justin Jung is a self taught photographer and cinematographer based in Southern California, although his work takes him all over the globe. For the past three years he has been following his dreams, traveling around the world, and capturing breathtaking video along the way. Justin often features subjects such as action sports, landscapes, documentaries and the ocean. In working to achieve his goals, he has obtained an established position with Rip Curl as a videographer as well as continuing to work with numerous other companies. His work has been featured in National Geographic, Surfer Magazine, Departure Magazine, The Inertia, and many others. Justin continues to set the bar higher for himself, striving for larger goals in all aspects of his work.

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