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David McLain

“My work has always been about using photography to inform and inspire. I deeply believe in the power of images and storytelling and have devoted my life to this beautiful craft. ”
Meet Sony Artisan
David McLain

David McLain built his chops the old fashioned way—shooting feature length assignments around the world for National Geographic Magazine. The stories varied but the mandate was always the same:  work with every kind of person under any kind of condition and create timeless yet contemporary images for a client with the highest visual standards on earth. Over the past decade, David has become increasingly interested in cinematography through an ongoing collaboration with colorist and post-production expert Jerome Thelia. Together they co-own the boutique production company Merge and recently finished their first feature documentary BOUNCE which premiered at SXSW. David’s experience as a National Geographic photographer and documentary filmmaker informs his commercial work. He has spent his life capturing real moments and understand how to blend art direction with just the right amount of improvisation. He is naturally drawn to brands who have great stories to tell and want to create imagery that makes people feel inspired, not sold to. David continually marvel at how endless the opportunities are. Now is the time to start exploring them.

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