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Anastasia Petukhova

“Make your photography personal. After all, it’s a reflection of how you see the world.”
Meet Sony Artisan
Anastasia Petukhova

Successfully starting her career as a tennis player, member of the Russian National Junior Tennis Team, and later an NCAA DI Tennis Champion, Anastasia has been leading an adventurous life of photographer, serial entrepreneur, and athlete. From a solo art show in Paris in 2009 to her current ventures, Anastasia’s passion for discovery and adventure fuels the interest to constantly look for new subjects and test seemingly familiar surroundings. A consistent collaborator with dozens of gear brands, Anastasia finds time to work on personal art series as well as actively engage with the film community and serve as an advocate of mirrorless cameras, including ger personal favorite, the Sony a7R. Most recently, Anastasia began her work on a ballet series, primarily using vintage film lenses combined with the newest camera bodies from Sony.

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