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Gabe Rogel

“20 years ago, photography became my tool to not only bring back wild adventures to loved ones, but a way to express myself, bringing an art form into the mountains. Thankfully, not much has changed.”
Meet Sony Artisan
Gabe Rogel

For more than fifteen years, Gabe Rogel has been shooting adventure sports, packing camera gear up steep couloirs with skis, shooting climbing while dangling from foreign cliffs, eating canned chili on portaledges, zipping up in a sub-zero sleeping bag, and putting himself in harm’s way of a skier, mountain biker or snowmobiler, all in the perpetual search of light and focus. Horizons and spray of snow, the blur of the ordinary behind the crisp punctuality of an athlete in motion, searching to distill action, the residue of vigorous motion photography. Gabe is one of those spirits that cannot stop. After a perfect day of shooting ski-mountaineering in Antarctica, a zodiac ride back to the ship with camera trained on breaching Orca whales, he will go outside and look for more while others nap, capturing the smile of a deckhand looking into the sunset. The photo is his way of purifying his experience in the world, his language of expression, his way of telling someone, ‘See, that’s what I mean.’ Without trying, as much as Gabe is an artist, he is a bright and goofy nut that ends up entertaining the crews he travels with and the sometimes strangers he happens upon. His photos are often successful because his subjects are laughing at him… or with him. No one is ever sure.

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