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Thibault Roland

“The goal of photography is to dissociate from reality, to create a new and wondrous world from what lies before my eyes.”
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Thibault Roland

Thibault is originally from France and currently resides in Boston MA. He was trained in Physics and worked as a researcher at renowned universities. He specializes in seascape and architecture photography, and has developed his original style and art during his travels to numerous countries throughout Europe, North America and Africa. His scientific background pushed him to develop a fascination for light, as well as for the notion of time, and how they can be integrated and depicted in still images through long exposures. Most of his work shows a world in black and white because he considers stripping a picture of its colors is not a restriction. It is a way for him to dissociate from reality, create a new world of opportunities and emotions, and bring up the beauty of an atmosphere, a situation, a detail, or an abstract vision that most people would dismiss. He uses exposures of about 5 minutes long for each new photograph, which he approaches as a canvas for his imagination. He uses digital processing techniques just like a painter and his brushes, in order to shape his photos to his own style and mind’s eye. Thibault's work has been exhibited, awarded and published internationally by recognized fine art organizations and magazines such as the International Photography Awards, Prix de le Photographie de Paris, Chasseur d'Images, Landscape Photography Magazine, and CameraPixo.

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