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Springtime In Big Sur With Sony Artisan Don Smith And Ron Modra

Join Sony Artisan Don Smith and former Sports Illustrated staff photographer Ron Modra for springtime in Big Sur April 7-10, 2020.

Springtime in Big Sur means green rolling hills, lush spring flowers, vivid yellow flowering coastal scrub, a hidden calla lily grove, enticing sunsets, and misty sunrises. Join me as I will guide you through this coastal paradise. Journey through a land of towering redwoods, fresh water waterfalls, hidden coves and arches and miles of the most dramatic shoreline you'll ever have the pleasure of photographing. Beauty is everywhere and you will experience Big Sur the way it was meant to be seen, uncrowded and dotted with enticing pockets of Pacific fog.

I have timed this workshop to take advantage of peak season for calla lilies and certain wildflowers along the coast as well as the having an opportunity to photograph the flowering ice plant, sea daisies and chaparral that carpets the bluffs with vivid color!

This workshop will have an emphasis on field location shooting. It will also include two sessions of the latest advances in workflow training (utilizing the latest versions of Lightroom and Photoshop CC) and a minimum of two image review sessions. Workflow training will include: RAW processing. Workflow topics will include: preparing an image for both print and web presentation, proper methods of setting white and black points, how to "properly massage the middle tones," color balance, localized tonal and color adjustments via luminosity masking, 32-bit blending techniques, blending multiple exposures via layers and masks, freehand masking techniques, section of masks based on both tones and colors, proper sharpening and noise reduction techniques, etc. We'll also take a look at some of my favorite third-party plugin filters.

We will also be adding a night of photography taking advantage of this misty fog.