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Photographer Gets Bloody In Abandoned Missile Silo Shoot

Sony Artisan Jason Lanier isn't interested in being a cookie-cutter photographer. Always looking for innovative and offbeat approaches, this time, Lanier found himself scouting an abandoned missile silo that resulted in a fall and left him with a substantial leg wound and a lens casualty. Unwilling to walk away empty-handed, Lanier took his α9 (which thankfully survived the fall) and continued to set up the eerie shoot that was guided by a backstory he created.

Lanier emphasizes the importance of establishing a backstory for shoots like this, "If there's one piece of advice I could give you out there about getting great shots it's finding a connection with your subject, telling them a story, and having them act that out." In this case, Lanier told his model, Maddi "she was an alien and she had been transported to Earth somehow and she was coming to meet humans for the first time."

Lanier also takes a moment near the end of the video to share a more personal message about why he continues to seek out these types of edgy shoots, different and dangerous as they may be. "As a newer photographer and artist, I was afraid sometimes to take some of the shots that I wanted to take. At some point you just have to ask yourself 'do I want you just want to take pictures of pretty girls? Or do you want to be remembered for something?' The answer for me was I want to be remembered. I want to leave my mark and whether people like it or not I don't want it to be the standard run of the mill stuff. I want to do something different. I want to do something that comes from me."

Learn more about Sony Artisan Jason Lanier here. Watch this video and more on Jason's wildly popular YouTube channel.