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Quick Guide: How To Set Up Your Sony α6300

Since its unveiling in February of 2016, the Sony α6300 has shown itself to be one of the most versatile and capable cameras on the market today. It’s combination of high-resolution, 4K video, incredibly-fast AF and shooting speeds and low price make it an ideal primary camera for many photographers and an outstanding secondary camera for α7II/α7R II/α7S II shooters.

To help you unleash the full capability of the α6300, we’ve put together this collection of guides from leading photographers with different styles and subjects.


Colby Brown Gives Tips On Using The α6300’s New Features

If you think the a6300 is a simple update of the immensely popular α6000, think again. Sony Artisan Colby Brown takes you through the new features and functions in his article 25 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Sony a6300. Even long-time Sony users might be surprised at how much there is to the α6300.


Patrick Murphy-Racey Sets Up The α6300 For Sports

There might not be anyone in the world who was more excited about the announcement of the α6300 than longtime Sports Illustrated photographer and Sony Artisan Patrick Murphy-Racey. In this video, Murphy-Racey guides you through the settings that he uses for sports photography in depth. He narrates, explaining each setting and why he does what he does as he goes through the menu pages.


Jason Lanier Shoots An Entire Wedding With The α6300

This video shows Sony Artisan Jason Lanier at work. He had the flu and was clearly struggling to work through the day. During the course of the video Lanier alternates between his work shooting the festivities and explaining how he is using the α6300, his lenses and his lights. For new wedding photographers in particular, the video is well worth watching. Like a reality show, and like all of Lanier’s videos on his YouTube channel, a camera follows Lanier throughout the wedding and you can see it all. Turn off Real Housewives and check out this reality show instead.


Gary Fong's Full Video Course on the a6300

For a true deep-dive into the a6300, Gary Fong has produced a 5 and a half hour course on the camera, Unleash The Power Of Your Sony a6300. The course costs $29.95 and it’s available on his website, garyfong.com. Fong’s videos are quite thorough and they feature live demos as well as detailed explanations of every setting on and on the camera. You can see the trailer above.


Tom’s Guide To Better Photos With The α6300

At Tom’s Guide, Sean Captain offers a guide with both quick tips as well as detailed explanations about the α6300’s layout and features. Captain writes, “This mirrorless camera further closes the gap with DSLRs for performance, featuring near-instantaneous autofocus, a machine-gun shutter speed of 11-frames per second, crisp low-light images and 4K/UHD video.” The article goes on to explain how to get the camera set up to take advantage of these capabilities for your most shooting styles.