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Trade-In And Trade-Up

The Sony Summer Trade In & Savings Event is going on through the end of September. In addition to special event instant rebates, there are great deals to be made if you have a DSLR to trade in. In addition to the amount for the trade-in at a participating retailer, get an additional $500 toward the purchase of a Sony α9, $300 toward the purchase of the α7R II or α7S II, or $100 toward the purchase of the α7 II.
Here’s how it works…
At A Participating Local Camera Store: Bring your used camera into your local photo retailer for an evaluation. They’ll provide a quote for how much they’re willing to give you for your camera. Every retailer is a little different, but it’s common that this transaction starts in the used camera department. If you agree to the amount, the next step is to choose the Sony full-frame camera you want to buy. If you’re trading in one of the eligible cameras, the best bang for your buck is going to be on the α9 where you can increase the value of your trade by $500 to use towards an α9 purchase. When you’re ready to check out, make sure the sales associate has applied your trade-in bonus to your purchase along with all other applicable instant rebates.
At A Participating Online Retailer: Every retailer might do things a little differently. This example comes from B&H. Using the trade in tool on the B&H website, pick the camera you want to trade-in, provide its condition and what accessories you’re including in the trade-in. As soon as you ship your gear to B&H, they will send you an email with a unique trade-in bonus code that you can use immediately towards the purchase of the eligible Sony full-frame cameras. After receipt of your used gear, B&H will complete a physical evaluation and provide a final trade-in value. You’ll receive a check in the mail for this amount (or a store credit if you prefer).
Valuing Your Trade-In: You can also check out the value of your trade in gear at KEH Camera which is sometimes considered to be the Kelly Blue Book of the camera world. We did a quick quote online from KEH Camera on a Canon 5D Mark III body to see how much we could save on an α9 purchase if we traded one in around town. According to KEH’s online quoting system for a Canon 5D Mark III with the battery and charger in “Excellent Plus” condition (“Exceptionally nice, but may have slight wear on finish visible only under close inspection”) the value came out at about $1274. If you combine this with the $500 bonus cash Sony is adding, that 5D Mark III body could be worth $1774 as a trade-in. With the Sony α9 retailing for around $4500 that means you can effectively get the α9 for about $2726!
The cameras aren’t the only things with special pricing during Summer Trade In & Savings Event. Lenses, flashes and other accessories are also on sale. See all the details here.

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