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Create Action & Josephine Herrick Project: Amplifying Voices Through Photography

Earlier this year we announced Josephine Herrick Project as the winner of a Sony Create Action grant. The New York-based nonprofit organization teaches photography to and exhibits work by people from a broad range of under-resourced communities. As recipients of the grant, the nonprofit receives $50,000 in cash to continue and expand the organization's work, $50,000 in Sony Electronics products to support their action plan, and this Sony-produced short film telling their story. 

Learn more about Create Action Grant Winner Josephine Herrick Project and their mission to amplify underrepresented voices through photography.

As part of their mission to amplify underrepresented voices through photography, The Josephine Herrick Project provides people with the tools to see differently, communicate across cultures and advocate for themselves and their communities. By partnering with other community-based organizations and schools, they hire professional photographers to run their programming.

The programming goes beyond just technical skills in composition and exposure, the organization also views photography as a vehicle for other hard and soft skills. They aim to cultivate visual literacy, creativity, critical thinking, self-advocacy and community engagement – all of which they see as critical to arts education.

Learn more about Josephine Herrick Project at jhproject.org.

The second year of the Create Action Grant Program is open through March 31, 2023, and will provide grants to 10 organizations total, with one new grant awarded each month. After initial submission, each application will be within consideration throughout the entirety of the program. Learn more and see how your organization can apply at alphauniverse.com/createaction.


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New York-Based Josephine Herrick Project Wins Sony Create Action Grant

Create Action – How To Make The Most Of The Application

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