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Sony Imaging PRO Support

Exclusive support designed for professionals.

Exclusive support designed for professionals.

Join our premium care program to get solutions that ensure your Sony Digital Imaging products are always ready.

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Membership Benefits*

Expert Support
  • Dedicated phone and email support
  • Monday to Sunday 7am – 4pm PT
  • 3-day repair turnaround time
Professional Enrichment
  • Invitation to special events
  • Evaluation loaners (try before you buy)
Equipment Perks
  • Repair facilitation loans, if turnaround time is not met
  • Three camera and/or lens maintenance services
  • Covered inbound/outbound shipping cost
* Please see program terms and conditions for further details.

Membership Requirements

Minimum of 2 Sony full-frame camera bodies
Minimum of 3 Sony ZEISS® and/or G Series lenses
Be an active and full-time professional photographer
Provide professional work samples
How to Apply
  1. Register an account with us.
  2. Complete the online membership form.
  3. Once approved, you will be contacted to pay the membership fee* and you will receive details about the program.
  4. Enjoy your membership benefits!
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Frequently Asked Questions
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