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Create your profile to get all your Alpha Program notifications in one convenient location.

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Public Profile FAQ

The Public Profile is a unique opportunity to showcase your work and become an “official” member of the Alpha community. The public profile can be your official “about” page, if you don’t have a site, it can be a calling card for those who want to hire you, or a simple resume to showcase the type of work you do and how you do it.

We encourage you to register your Sony products at https://productregistration.sony.com/ 

You do. Sony retains no rights to the photos you upload to our system, nor does it maintain copies of these photos once you delete them.

Currently only YouTube and Vimeo videos are supported. Please be sure that your video is publicly available and embeddable. Unlisted videos will work, but videos set to private or that require a password will not work.

We recommend you upload the photos you feel best represent the artist you are or aspire to be. Typically, that means your best work. The goal is to use the Gallery as a representation of your style and artistry to those who view your profile.

The bio should be the best elevator pitch for who you are. Imagine running into your idol in an elevator and having 20 floors before you reach your destination. What would you tell them about who you are?

Badges are mementos of exciting events and happenings in your Alpha life. For instance, Kando Trip participants will get the option of displaying that badge on their profile. Alpha Females will get the option of a badge as well. Artisans of Imagery and Alpha Imaging Collective will display their respective designations on their profiles. Badges will keep evolving, so keep checking to see what’s new in your account.

Alpha Universe is a Sony property, proud of the products and brand it represents. As such, we’re focusing our efforts on the realm of Sony Alpha. We also happen to be fanatical about our gear, and we believe that if it’s not Alpha, it’s not the best.

Same as with gear, as a Sony property, we’re focusing our efforts on the creations of those who have made a choice to shoot on Sony. We want all Sony users to have the opportunity to showcase their great work. That said, we do believe that it’s the photographer who makes the photo, which is why we haven’t limited our members’ ability to showcase their art on our site, regardless of what gear was used to create it.

If a photo’s original metadata shows the photo was shot with a Sony camera, then it’s marked as a “verified” photo. We count on our community’s honor to upload accurate information.

Indeed we do. We’ll continue to enhance public profiles going forward, so keep coming back to your account to see what’s new and take advantage of new functionality.

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