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Pro Support FAQ

Membership is available to those who meet all the following criteria:

    1. An individual residing in 50 United States or the District of Columba only, who is a minimum 18 years of age
    2. A professional, self-employed individual, or an employee of a professional imaging business, who plays a direct and active role in the creation of moving or still images for third parties with a large proportion of income derived from this creation
    3. Owns a minimum of two (2) Sony Alpha interchangeable lens cameras with both cameras having a full frame sensor, purchased from an authorized Sony reseller
    4. Owns a minimum of three (3) Sony lenses, purchased from an authorized Sony reseller

Click Here to find the Pro Support program in your region.

Click Here to apply for Pro Support Canada.

If we have verified that your product is within warranty or eligible for expedited turnaround, the repair time is 3 business days. Please allow additional time for shipping to and from the repair center. Rural areas may take longer. Three business day turnaround time does not account for the possibility of backordered parts.

No. One of the many benefits of being a PRO Support member is no out-of-pocket shipping expenses.

We understand that things happen and that you may not have your proof of purchase. If this is the case, please contact us as soon as possible and we will assess it on a case-by-case basis.

One of the benefits of being a PRO Support member is receiving a 20% discount on parts and labor for Out of Warranty repairs. If you are unsure about your warranty or would like to discuss it further, please contact us when submitting your request.


  • Clean and inspect sensor
  • External cleaning of body and dials
  • Validate and Clean Viewfinder
  • Check/Clean Proximity Sensor
  • Check/Clean Contact Pins
  • Check/Clean MI Shoe
  • Take image of lightbox to ensure clean sensor
  • Check/update firmware (requires customer approval)
  • Check general functionality of camera (buttons, dials, wheels, EVF, LCD, ports, etc. all function as expected)
  • ASC will note if Eye Cup is missing


  • Clean front and rear elements
  • Check/Clean filter treads as well as contact
  • Clean external body of lens (barrel, zoom/focus rings, aperture ring)
  • If Filter is attached, ASC will remove filter to perform test
  • Take sample image and inspect quality
  • Check/update firmware
  • Check functionality of all buttons
  • ASC will note missing cap/lens hood
  • ASC will note any extra accessory that’s attached to unit
  • ASC will not replace lens hood if it was not ship in with unit

Loan products are issued to current PRO Support members in cases where expedited repairs exceed 3 business days in house. Equipment is loaned on a case-by-case basis and is dependent on product availability.

No, PRO Support memberships are only eligible to the individual that signed up. Other individuals will need to sign up for their own PRO Support account and must meet all the eligibility requirements.

PRO Support Membership does not offer an extended warranty. To obtain an extended warranty, visit Sony Protect.

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