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Passion & Perspective: See Episode 3 Of First Take With Chris Burkard

First Take With Chris Burkard explores the Sony Artisan Of Imagery’s favorite places, food, culture and things to do, and in Episode 3 of the series, he is joined by photographer Mylo Fowler (@navajomylo) for another adventure in Burkard’s favorite place – Iceland. You might remember Fowler from Burkard’s film, “Mylo,” where he shares the story of Fowler and how he documents the Navajo Nation, with the proceeds going toward initiatives that directly benefit them. Now Fowler has traveled a long way from the Southwest to see more of the country Burkard loves.

Chris Burkard and Mylo Fowler team up to explore the importance of passion in your craft and how sometimes the worst days can make the best photographs.

The first stop for the two creatives is for pastries at Braud And Co. Bakery, where they go back in the kitchen with the bakers to learn how to make their own. The two reflect on the level of passion the head baker had for his craft and how that can translate to so many things in life. “I think that’s probably, I don’t want to say instant, but maybe the natural result is that if you’re passionate about something, it’s probably going to turn out pretty good,” explains Fowler. “And above that, it’s like, how can whatever I do make somebody else’s life better?”

After their baking experience, the two decide to embrace Iceland’s stormy weather and head out to the water’s edge to watch the waves whip in the wind and rain. The two creatives both share a love of bad weather because of the unique beauty it can create. “I love when there’s like a blizzard, I don’t know what it is about it man, but the scarier and the crazier the weather, the more I feel like I’m in my space,” explains Fowler.

“With reality, it’s like, the harsher the weather, the greater the chance of unique lighting situations,” says Burkard. “Where there’s like a strip of light on the mountain or just a sliver, I mean that’s what makes what we do so interesting. And you’re in the Southwest, so you can attest to the fact that all those summer days, when it’s just perfectly bluebird, that’s so uninteresting.”

“And then the images, sometimes you get the storm of the century or the season, and that could create a beautiful photograph,” adds Fowler.

See previous episodes below, stay tuned to AlphaUniverse.com for future episodes and don't forget to give us a Like and subscribe to Alpha Universe on YouTube.

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