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Intro To Video Production For Beginners With Sony Artisan Patrick Murphy-Racey

Led by Sony Artisan Patrick Murphy-Racey, this day-long workshop will assume you have no knowledge about video and build throughout the day, culminating in a full-on interview setup typical for ESPN or CNN. Each technical element of instruction will be broken down into explaining each separately:

1. Video frame-rates, codecs, 4K, and the use of sliders and gimbals.

2. Lighting: Light modification with LED’s on location. “Making something beautiful out of nothing.”

3. Audio: Explaining phantom power, and various microphones and their specific uses, capturing audio “in camera” rather than with external recorders.

4. Building the set and doing an actual interview.

5. Last, we will take the three video streams and do a quick edit in Adobe Premiere CC, explaining how easy it is to do “multi-camera sync.”

People with no knowledge to intermediate is ideal. Shooters currently doing production with DSLR’s are encouraged to come and see how much easier life is with mirrorless. Registration for this workshop is $100.

Patrick Murphy-Racey, Sony Artisan, has had a long career in photojournalism, covering a wide variety of assignments as a freelancer as well as being a regular contributor to Sports Illustrated. Ever the chameleon, Murphy-Racey’’s career is a long series of re-inventions and rebirths, but the visual storytelling remains the same, even as the tools change. From 4×5 to 4K, he’’s technically inclined, and loves making great images. Patrick’s specialties include dramatic and creative use of strobe & LED lighting, sports action photography, environmental portraits, and powerful, well-lit 4K multi-camera video production. Patrick Murphy-Racey shoots both stills as well as motion and is always asking, “What’s next?”

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