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Behind The Scenes With Sea Legacy In The Galapagos

SeaLegacy Founders Cristina Mittermeier and Paul Nicklen have been traveling with their crew aboard SeaLegacy 1, a boat specifically designed for the collective of storytellers to document ocean life for conservation purposes. In their latest video, the two Sony Artisans and crew arrive to the Galapagos Islands on a mission to help protect the area’s animals and their migration paths. “One of the great gifts of having this floating platform is the team that we’re able to assemble and the access that we have to the Galapagos archipelago right now is unheard of,” says Nicklen. Go behind the scenes as they team up with other experts to collect data and imagery of the area’s sealife.

Watch as Cristina Mittermeier, Paul Nicklen & crew get special access to the Galapagos Islands to collect data and imagery of the area’s sealife.

“Our mission here is super simple,” explains Mittermeier. “Collect data that verifies that animals migrate between these archipelagos, and it’s a very good team of science and photography and filmmaking, all for the purpose of creating more protections in this area.”

The incredible team on board includes several experts to help with the expedition – Lucas Bustamante, biologist and wildlife conservation photojournalist, Javier Mahauad Wittmer, a Galapagos National Park dive guide, and Sophia Green, a marine biologist who will collect data to verify that animals migrate between the archipelagos, all while the SeaLegacy Crew tells the story.

“The sharks do not know what a marine-protected area is, so when they go from here to from here to Malpelo or here to Coiba, they’re susceptible to the commercial fishing industry,” says Nicklen.

“And we have to bring that story to life,” adds Mittermeier.

Using rebreathers that allow for silent diving and for a longer duration of time, the group dives down to get footage of the area’s oceanlife. “The rebreather allows you to be completely silent and stealthy,” explains Nicklen, “and as soon as you let an animal dictate the encounter, you’re setting yourself up for success.”

To help prove that the animals are migrating, Green, the marine biologist, is tagging unidentified animals so they can know as much as they can about them in order to protect them. When whale shark that wasn’t in Green’s system appears, she has the chance to go in and tag it. “To be part of an expedition like the one here in SeaLegacy is an incredible opportunity,” explains Green. “It puts us out there to do the real science as well as to share the imagery of what’s going on with the world.” 

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