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Episode 5 of SeaLegacy | The Voyage Takes The Team To Coiba, Panama

In the latest installment of SeaLegacy | The Voyage, Sony Artisans of Imagery Cristina Mittermeier and Paul Nicklen continue their expedition aboard their purpose-made exploration catamaran, the SeaLegacy 1. After passing through the Panama Canal and into the Pacific Ocean, the team head to Coiba, an island off the coast of Panama and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Panama designated the Coiba National Park in 1992 and the park is unversally renowned for its natural beauty. “It is the crown jewel of Panama,” says Nicklen "this is something Panamainains are proud of. To call it their own." On June 8, 2021, World Oceans Day, President of Panama Laurentino Cortizo signed a decree expanding the amount of marine environment that is under protection. At that time Mittermeier and fellow SeaLegacy conservationist Andy Mann were invited to see the area and to scout it out as a possible destination for the SeaLegacy 1. “It was amazing,” says Mittermeier. So the decision was made and the course was plotted. “We’re going below the waves to see what it means to actually have protection in a marine park. And I hope we can capture that to inspire other nations to do the same,” says Nicklen  

As the team arrives at a dive site, however, they quickly learn that this voyage is not without some unique hazards. The grim realities of narco trafficking in the area become real for Mittermeier, Nicklen and their crew when a fast-moving boat approaches the SeaLegacy 1. The episode is a reminder that the efforts of conservation face a variety of pressures and challenges.

Watch the episode to see the full story.

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See al of the previous episodes below or on our YouTube Channel. Subscribe to The Alpha Universe YouTube channel for more stories about leading photographers, camera tips and insider information about all things Sony Alpha.

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Help rebuild ocean life, for people and the planet. Learn more about how you can Join The Tide HERE.

Stay tuned to AlphaUniverse.com and the Alpha Universe YouTube Channel for future episodes.


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