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Behind The Shot: Cristina Mittermeier Photographs The Famous Bimini Dolphins

Now more than ever, being able to share stories and bring awareness to the changing conditions of our planet plays an essential part in its conservation. Documentary photographer, co-founder of SeaLegacy and Sony Artisan Cristina Mittermeier is dedicated to telling these stories and protecting our oceans. Along with the rest of the crew aboard the SeaLegacy 1, she finds herself in some of the most beautiful parts of the world, filming and photographing the incredible moments each area has to offer. In this video, she captures her experience swimming with the famous pod of dolphins that live in Bimini. Mittermeier says, "The last couple of days have just been incredibly awesome...to be able to get in the water with these animals and for them to want to hang out with us." Watch the full video to see how she captured this incredible moment and learn more about her four-year-long mission aboard SeaLegacy 1.

This image was captured with the Sony Alpha 7R IV and Sony 28mm f/2 lens. She was able to get close enough to these creatures to show the playfulness and trust they give us when we in turn trust and respect them and their environment.


Photo By Cristina Mittermeier. Sony Alpha 7R IV. Sony 28mm f/2. 1/200-sec., f/10, ISO 640

Help rebuild ocean life, for people and the planet. Learn more about how you can Join The Tide HERE.

Stay tuned to AlphaUniverse.com and the Alpha Universe YouTube Channel for more from the SeaLegacy crew. In case you've missed any of the first three episodes of SeaLegacy | The Voyage, you can watch them below.

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