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Cristina Mittermeier

“My work focuses on the preservation of nature and indigenous culture. I create images with enduring power and meaning not because I have to or want to, but because I feel I have a duty to do so.”
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Cristina Mittermeier

"The relationship between nature and humans is where Cristina Mittermeier’s photography finds its true mission. The idea that people and nature are not isolated from each other, but are inexorably connected, lies at the heart of her work. This relationship is particularly poignant when it comes to indigenous people and this where Cristina’s images truly find their purpose. Her work has taken her to over 100 countries and every continent, including some of the most remote and beautiful areas of our planet. Photography did not come as Cristina’s first career choice. As a marine biologist and as a regular contributor to the scientific dialogue on the conservation of our planet’s biodiversity, Cristina’s work initially strived to explain with science the importance of preserving Earth’s living heritage. The need to communicate to a larger audience and to portray the intimate link between people and their environment propelled her to find new tools to express myself. Photography and storytelling have allowed her to tell an emotional story that links the devastating effects of biodiversity loss and human well-being. Cristina’s hope is that her images might help demonstrate that people can and should coexist harmoniously with nature."

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