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5 Things To Know About The New Sony ZV-1 II

The new Sony ZV-1 II is packed with features that put even more creative power into the hands of video creators. In this video, Sony Artisan and video content creator Miguel Quiles walks us through the top five things you need to know about the new camera. “The ZV-1 II is a powerhouse camera for content creators who want to have a camera that’s easy to travel with while still giving them easy access to the features that will make their videos look awesome.” Learn even more about the Sony ZV-1 II HERE. Pre-order available 5/24.

More features, more creative power. Sony Artisan & video content creator Miguel Quiles walks us through the top five things to know about the new camera.

1. A Wider Lens For A Wider View

When Quiles shoots his vlog-style videos, he typically wants to get as wide of a shot as possible to include not only himself in the frame, but also some of his surroundings. “The original ZV-1 had a 24-70mm lens with a variable aperture of f/1.8-f/2.8,” he says. “While it worked great in most situations, having an 18mm lens like the one in the ZV-1 II will definitely allow you to capture even more in the frame. The 18-50mm lens has a variable aperture of f/1.8 on the wide end to f/4 on the telephoto side. So it covers a lot of the focal lengths that I tend to use the most when I’m out filming my own content.”

Quiles shows a comparison between the ZV-1 and the ZV-1 II, and you can easily see the difference that additional 6mm on the wide end makes by how much of the environment he can include. But the advantages of the wider lens doesn’t end there, Quiles says. “Having that wide angle lens allows you to get two or three people into your frame at the same time and keep them all sharp and in focus. Sony really thought a lot about the creator experience here, and I think that this will be a feature that will make the difference between you getting the shot or leaving an idea on the table.” 

2. Cinematic Vlogging At The Touch Of A Button

Love the Cinematic Vlogging feature of the Sony ZV-E1? Good news - it’s back. If you’re unfamiliar with the feature, what it does is give you quick access to cinematic settings by pressing a single button. “You’ll notice right away that your aspect ratio changes, which gives you a cinemascope aspect ratio that lays the foundation for that high-quality look that we’re all chasing after.”

You can also change the look of your video by choosing between classic, clean, chic, fresh or mono settings. If you want to customize your video’s look even further, you can set your mood setting to gold, ocean or forest, or have it set to automatically choose. You could change the autofocus transition speed to low, medium and high to give you the perfect cinematic look for your video.

3. 3-Capsule Directional Mic For Clear Audio From Anywhere

Each and every video creator knows the importance of having crisp and clear audio in their video. “The ZV-1 II is smarter than your average camera and it’s made evident with its intelligent three capsule microphone,” says Quiles. This allows you to change the directionality of the pickup pattern of your audio. So you can set it to Front if you’re talking in front of the camera and Rear if you’re talking from behind it.

If you’re moving around and need the audio to continue capturing your voice from behind the camera, you can change the pickup pattern to Auto and the microphone will automatically track where your sound is coming from and will change the directionality to pick up your audio. “If there’s a situation where you want to capture ambient sound,” explains Quiles, “you could set it to All Directions or you could set it to auto to basically let the camera figure out where that audio is coming from and give you quality audio for your vlogs.” 

4. New Menu Navigation Makes Camera Control A Breeze

The Sony ZV-1 II has some helpful upgrades that allow you to navigate your camera settings much faster. The camera menu features the newer design that’s found in cameras like the Sony Alpha 7 IV and the Sony Alpha 7R V. Quiles takes a close look in the video, and says navigating the controls on the camera is a breeze, especially if you’re new to the system or coming from the world of smartphones.

“In the first two menu pages,” he explains, “you have quick access to the majority of the settings that you would actually adjust the most when you’re filming content and you can navigate everything using the touchscreen interface. Speaking of touchscreen, when you turn on your camera, you’ll see some of the most commonly used features right on the screen for you to choose from. And if you need the extra real estate on your screen, you could swipe those icons away really easily.”

5. An Overall Refined Experience For Video Creation

There are some other exciting upgrades to the new Sony ZV-1 II that will make a big difference for video creators. For example, the ZV-1 II features a USB-C port with power delivery. “You could use that to plug your camera into your computer and use it as a webcam without having to install any additional software,” Quiles says. You can get more tips from him on how to do this in How To Livestream With Your Sony Camera.

He continues, “Beyond that, you could also deliver power to your camera by plugging it in via an AC adaptor, or you could even use a portable power bank to charge your battery while you’re recording.”

Another change you’ll notice in the Sony ZV-1 II is the relocation of the tripod thread, an upgrade based on user feedback from its predecessor. Now you can easily open the battery door without having to remove the tripod or grip, a major plus if you’re shooting video and want to quickly swap out the battery.

What Quiles says he really loves is that even with all of these new features, the camera is still ultra-compact and weighs under 9 ounces with the battery and memory card included. “The ZV-1 II is a powerhouse camera for content creators who want to have a camera that’s easy to travel with while still giving them easy access to the features that will make their videos look awesome.”

Learn more about the new Sony ZV-1 II HERE. Pre-order available 5/24.


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