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Why This APS-C Shooter Reaches For The Sony Alpha 6700

Arthur Reutov, also known on his YouTube Channel as Arthur R, has always used Sony APS-C cameras. “Maybe it's because I always root for the underdog, or I like surprising people with shooting amazing stuff with inexpensive gear, I don’t know what it is,” he says. “But after 10 years of practicing photography and video and constantly striving to improve, and upgrading camera bodies from the original Alpha 6000 – the Sony Alpha 6700 feels like everything I’ve ever wanted in a compact Sony camera.” From the size, to the features, to the value, Recently, Arthur's go-to has been the Sony Alpha 6700, and we caught up with him to learn more about why it’s the choice APS-C for hybrid content creation.

Arthur Reutov uses the Sony Alpha 6700

Creator Arthur Reutov using the Sony Alpha 6700

Modern Touch Menu

One of Arthur’s favorite things about the Sony Alpha 6700 is how effortless it is to operate with the new modern touch menu. “Sony always surprises me, they often deliver on the expected stuff but then they sprinkle in a bunch of just crazy cutting-edge goodies,” he explains. “But with the Sony Alpha 6700 the big thing for me is something that I use every day, and that is the menu system. The new menu system is just so much easier to navigate, to customize, and to use efficiently. I can make 98% of the changes I need to make from one screen.”

A Perfect Compact Pairing

Arthur likes to pair the Sony Alpha 6700 with a compact zoom, creating a combination he can take anywhere and everywhere. “I’m constantly swapping lenses, but the majority of the time I have the excellent Sony 16-55mm f/2.8 G on my Sony Alpha 6700. I think it's a perfect pairing. The 16-55mm came out a few years ago, but I think optically it needed the new sensor of the Alpha 6700, the 10-bit color, and the new AI-powered autofocus to really shine.”

“For a zoom lens, it doesn’t get any better in my opinion. I also bring a variable ND filter with me if I am working outside, and besides the lanyard that I attach to the camera so I can carry it on my wrist, that is it. I don’t bring much with me. It's one of those things where if you can make your setup as compact and simple as possible, I think it relieves your mind of excuses for not bringing your camera with you.”

Stand-Out & ‘Sticky’ Autofocus

Arthur has used many different Sony cameras and says that with the Sony Alpha 6700, the stand out feature is its sticky autofocus. “I use the Sony Alpha 6700 a lot. I also use my Sony Alpha 6100 a lot. And it’s eye opening going back and forth between those two cameras. Even compared to using my FX30, there are things about the Sony Alpha 6700 that simply stand out. One big thing is the autofocus. Realistically I think that all of the cameras in the APS-C lineup over the last 10 years have great autofocus. But this one feels different. It’s scary good. It makes you second guess if you are really pulling off the videos you are shooting.”

He continues, “People use the term ‘stickiness’ and that is something the Alpha 6700 autofocus absolutely has. If you introduce a subject, a person, for example to the Alpha 6700, it just knows. It tracks the eye, and when it can't see the eye it estimates where it should be based on the body positioning of your subject, and it’s basically always right. I've said this a few times, but it's really hard to take an out of focus photo or video with this camera, it simply is.”

The Value In APS-C

Another major part of this camera and the APS-C ecosystem in general that Arthur believes is important to bring up is value. “The entire APSC ecosystem represents great value for your money,” he explains. “The Sony Alpha 6700 is an absolutely staggering camera for its price. For someone who is wanting a camera to capture family photos, kids events, travel videos, or make videos for social media, there are very few cameras out there better than this one, at any price point. It’s an incredible tool for capturing photos and videos.”

“It’s brilliantly good. I don’t think people realize how good it is. I use it for family photos, travel videos, YouTube videos, client photos, basically everything. It’s the most comfortable small camera I’ve ever used. It’s a stunningly capable 4K60 powerhouse, and it has unbeatable autofocus. It doesn’t get much better than that.”

See more of Arthur R.’s work on Instagram (@arthur213) and on his YouTube Channel.


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