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Why I Shoot APS-C

Arthur Reutov, also known on his YouTube Channel as Arthur R, creates content about photography and filmmaking. He’s a, “Sony APS-Connoisseur,” meaning his knowledge of the gear and use of the Sony APS-C system makes his channel a great one to subscribe to. In the video below, Arthur R shares his top three reasons for choosing to shoot with Sony APS-C cameras. “Now I’m not going to give you the easy ones,” he says, “which are small size, small weight and lower price.” Watch below and learn more about his complete kit in his What’s In My Bag article.

1. Lens Selection

Arthur’s first top reason for choosing Sony APS-C is for its lens selection. “Because this sensor is smaller than a full-frame sensor, you can actually use every single full-frame lens,” he says. Learn more about the complete lineup of Sony lenses HERE.

2. The 1.5x Crop

Arthur’s second reason for using Sony APS-C? It’s that sweet, sweet 1.5X crop that you can get. “If you use lenses for nature photography, if you’re shooting super telephoto shots of the moon, that extra 1.5x crop is amazing and it’s beneficial. And you can also use a teleconverter with a telephoto lens to get even closer to the action.”

3. The Performance

And his final top reason for relying on Sony APS-C cameras is simply for their performance. Over time, Sony has trickled down all of the best features from their full-frame lineup to smaller APS-C bodies, and this new Sony Alpha 6700 is a testament to that. It is an impressive, small, very capable camera body. 

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