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Take A Deep Dive Into The New Sony Alpha 6700

The announcement of the Sony Alpha 6700 expands the world of APS-C with the inclusion of the latest tech that’s made its way into cameras like the Sony ZV-E1 and the Sony Alpha 7R V. Professional photographer and YouTuber Miguel Quiles has been using the new camera in advance of the launch and in the video below he shares his experience. Watch to learn more about the features you’ll find in the new Sony Alpha 6700 and see how it performed for photo and video. Learn more about the new Sony Alpha 6700 HERE.

“The highest praise that I can give to any camera is that I would consider using it for not only my day-to-day work but my professional work as well, and that’s exactly what I’m giving to the Alpha 6700.” – Sony Artisan Miguel Quiles

The Latest Tech Comes To APS-C

The latest technology that’s made its way to the Sony Alpha 6700 changes the game for APS-C hybrid creators. “This includes the Bionz XR Processing Engine and a dedicated AI chip that brings the next generation of auto-focusing to the APS-C world,” Quiles explains. “It also has 5-axis In-Body Optical Stabilization which is pretty amazing considering the size of the camera body. They’ve also incorporated a new Auto Exposure system that detects the skin area when you’re taking a portrait, and it keeps it from blowing out, along with getting more accurate white balance in challenging lighting situations.” The new AI processor also allows for real-time recognition of humans using pose estimation, plus birds, animals, insects, cars, trains and planes.

Another feature found in the Sony Alpha 6700 that Quiles found exciting is Focus Bracketing. “Where you can take up to 299 images and you can shift the focus point to take some outrageously cool macro and landscape shots.” He also notes the fast shutter that gives you up to 11 frames per second with Auto Focus and Auto Exposure Tracking. The camera also has Anti-Flicker Shooting to help combat flicker you might get from LED light sources.

Features For The Hybrid Creator

Quiles continues, “The Alpha 6700 is going to appeal to anyone that’s looking for a great hybrid camera for both stills and video thanks to all of the killer features that they’ve added for video use. For starters you’ve got 6K Oversampling which will give you stunning 4K quality videos. You can shoot your videos in S-log3, or S-log3 Cine, which offers 14+ stops of dynamic range, along with being able to shoot in S-Cinetone, which is my personal favorite. Most of the videos that you see here from me on the Alpha Universe Channel are actually filmed using S-Cinetone by the way, and I rarely ever have to make any adjustments in post.”

It really is an excellent choice for the hybrid creator, and Quiles says they definitely didn’t skimp on features for video. “You can shoot your 4K videos in 10-bit 4:2:2 color sampling and up to 120 frames per second. They’ve even included the AI-based auto framing for video that was introduced with the ZV-E1, where the camera automatically changes the composition to frame you up.”

New Design – Including A Flip-Out Touch Screen

The camera also has a Multi-Interface Shoe with the Digital Audio Interface, so you can easily pair it with microphones like the Sony ECM-B1M for digital audio without adding any other cables. One the side of the camera you’ll find the headphone and microphone jacks, a Micro HDMI port, a single SD Card slot and a USB-C port that supports power delivery for fast charging. Perhaps what excited Quiles most about the camera’s design is its improved grip design. “The ergonomics of this new grip make this camera much easier to hold for people like me who have a big hand. I shot with this for hours outdoors and in-studio, and it was never cumbersome to hold.” 

The camera also has an assignable front dial, a dedicated mode dial to flip between modes, and a flippy screen that makes solo shooting a lot easier. Even better, the screen has Touch Screen Operation with large icons that you can press to adjust common settings and easily access your still and video functions. The camera also has an Electronic Viewfinder that’s clear and bright, and the entire body is dust and moisture resistant. “It just feels like a premium product when you’re holding it,” Quiles says, “and it’s just something you have to experience for yourself when it’s available in stores.”

High Praise: A Hybrid Option For Hobbyists & Pros

Quiles took the camera outdoors for a portrait session, and used it as he typically would use his main camera, the Sony Alpha 7R V. In the video he shares some of the images he was able to create. “I was super impressed with the overall performance of the Alpha 6700. The autofocus was sticky and accurate. I never felt like I was waiting for the camera to find and acquire focus. And like I mentioned earlier, the ergonomics of the camera were comfortable and inviting.”

He continues, “The highest praise that I can give to any camera is that I would consider using it for not only my day-to-day work but my professional work as well, and that’s exactly what I’m giving to the Alpha 6700. With all of the hybrid features that they managed to pack into this camera, I think it’s going to make a great choice for hobbyists as well as pros who want a compact, interchangeable lens camera.”

Learn more about the new Sony Alpha 6700 HERE.


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