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How To Livestream With Your Sony Camera

Livestreaming and video calls and meetings have become mainstays in the last two and a half years. Have you ever been on a Zoom call and started noticing the huge image quality differences among cameras as people speak and present? There’s a very clear quality difference between using a standard laptop webcam and using a Sony camera like the Alpha 7 IV. In this video YouTuber and Sony Artisan Miguel Quiles shows how to take your video calls, meetings and livestreams to the elite level using your Sony camera. Spoiler alert: it's a lot easier than you think. See more videos like this one on the Alpha Universe YouTube Channel.

See how to take your livestreams up a notch. YouTuber and Sony Artisan Miguel Quiles shows the easiest and best way to livestream using your Sony cameras.

Sony has released a number of cameras in the Alpha lineup that support UVC and UAC, and Quiles further explains what exactly that means. “UVC stands for USB Video Class and UAC stands for USB Audio Class. To keep it simple, what this means is that you’re able to connect your camera, something like the Alpha 7 IV for example. You can connect it right to your computer via USB cable and without any additional software, you’re able to use not just the video that’s coming off of your camera, but the audio as well.”

Quiles has been using the USB and UAC feature since it was implemented into the Sony ZV-1, and it has since been brought to other cameras in the lineup like the ZV-E10, ZV-1F, Alpha 7 IV, Alpha 7R V and FX30. “It doesn’t get any easier than plugging your camera into your computer via USB to high-quality livestreaming.”

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