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Learn All About Lighting From These YouTubers

Lighting is a key element to creating a successful photo or video. Once a photographer or videographer masters the subject of lighting, they can enter an entirely new realm of creativity. We’ve rounded up a few Sony shooters who are posting their lighting tutorials on YouTube. Watch to learn more and subscribe to their channels. Don’t forget to subscribe to Sony Alpha Universe on YouTube.

Could you use a lighting lesson or two? Check out these creatives who are sharing their lighting tutorials on YouTube.

Alpha Universe

On the Sony Alpha Universe YouTube Channel you’ll find compelling educational and inspirational content for other creatives. Sony Artisan Miguel Quiles often makes an appearance in these videos to share his expertise like in the Photography Lighting Tutorial below. Watch as he shows you how to create interesting photography lighting effects with an optical spot. Starting with one light and working up to two, he shows exactly how photographers can have fun with light.

Miguel Quiles

Sony Artisan Miguel Quiles also has his own YouTube Channel where he posts videos filled with information for other photographers. With a ton of professional experience both in-studio and on-location, he gives tips for shooting portraits in all types of scenarios. In the video below, he shares how to light on-location portraits using ND filters with a strobe. He started his career doing this, and while it’s a little tricky, his tutorial walks you through everything you need to know to make it happen. Subscribe to his YouTube Channel for more.

Jiggie Alejandrino

Jiggie Alejandrino is a portrait and wedding photographer from the Philippines. On his YouTube Channel he shares lighting tips and tricks, gear reviews and more. His video below provides an off-camera lighting tutorial, but goes much deeper into how vision plays a role in a photographer’s work. “Whenever you are shooting, it’s not enough for you to just pick up your camera and shoot,” he explains. “You’ve got what you call pre-visualization. Every photographer always has a vision in his head.” Watch as he takes you behind the scenes during one of his engagement shoots while discussing the entire process.

Ed Verosky

Ed Verosky is a portrait photographer and educator. His go-to gear is the Sony Alpha 7 III with the Sony 85mm f/1.4 G Master for portraiture and the Sony 24-70mm f/4 for general purpose photo and video. On his YouTube Channel he posts photography tutorials, flash photography tips, photography lighting setups, film photography and more photography-related topics. Do you know what a key light is? In this video below, Verosky explains what a key light is and its role in the context of a basic portrait lighting setup.

Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson is a full-time content creator and on his YouTube Channel he posts videos to help you level up your own video skills and online influence. The video below provides a cinematic lighting tutorial for beginners. Watch as he uses the Sony Alpha 7C, Sony 20mm f/1.8 G lens and one light to create five completely different looks.


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