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Capture One Pro Spring Sale For Sony Users

For a limited time, Sony photographers can purchase Capture One Pro for 50% off. The pricing applies to both standalone versions of the software and subscriptions. Capture One Express is free for most Sony camera owners. Capture One Pro adds a number of significant capabilities and enhancements to the Express version. Some of the highlights are:

  • Tethered Capture: As many high-end studio photographers know, Capture One is the most powerful tethering option available.

  • Simple importing from other applications: You can import an existing Adobe Lightroom or Apple Aperture catalog, quickly and painlessly.

  • Sessions: A unique and easily manageable solution to keep images organized. Store RAW files, settings files, library files and output files as complete projects

  • Enhanced color tools: Powerful color grading and refined color selection and correction tools that include the ability to simply and quickly even out skin tone. This is especially useful for portrait photographers.

  • Luminosity control: By selecting a range from luminosity (lightness), it's possible to add any adjustment to only that range within the image.

For a full comparison of all the features in Capture One Express and Capture One Pro, check out this comprehensive chart.

The limited-time sale pricing works out to $109 for the standalone software. If you prefer a subscription, the sale price on that is $79 for an annual subscription (paid annually) or $8 per month paid monthly.

Visit captureone.com/en/products/sony to purchase.

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