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Beyond Speedlites Lighting Workshop With Patrick Murphy-Racey

Join Sony Artisan of Imagery Patrick Murphy-Racey at Dury's Photo for the Beyond Speedlites Lighting Workshop.

This workshop is tailor-made to anyone that is wanting to improve their lighting skills for upscale portrait work for seniors, weddings, and business applications. We will be working beyond the speedlight all day and will be using the new Wescott FJ400 400 w/s strobe units which are powerful, versatile, and inexpensive. Lighting is the key to making real money from shooting portraits and wedding work and it separates you from the pack. PM-R has shot over 700 assignments for Sports Illustrated and will show you how to work fast but keep your quality high.

We will begin at at 8:30am with an informal meet and greet with coffee and donuts.

Session 1 is from 9am sharp till noon, when PM-R will start with the basics, demonstrating various light modifiers, and then setting up a controlled lighting kit in a studio setting. As the Wescott strobes have powerful LED modeling lights, they will allow us as a class to actually "see the light." Once we get the hang of the LED's we will then head directly into using strobes for that session/model.

Lunch will be provided on-site so that we can continue working and explain Session 2.

Session 2 at 11:45am: We will take participants outside and set up another situation where HSS strobes will be used. PM-R will talk at length about lens selection, lighting, light modifiers, and how to find your personal vision for "the look" you want your work to have.

A model will be provided for us so that everyone who participates will go home with a couple of portfolio images.

Last, there will be an advanced workshop that will pick up where this one leaves off with that date to be determined soon. Photographers that should consider this workshop should be aggressive about trying to get to the next level regarding lighting and portrait work.

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