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Infrared Photography: A Conceptual and Technical Approach With Thibault Roland

For most people, photography must show reality. And in most situations this statement is true. Take a sports competition: the finish line picture will show who won the race. But what happens when the camera is off axis? Winner and loser can be mistaken. What happens when the shutter speed slows down? Racers get blurred out.

By choosing a specific point of view or specific settings, photographers will change the image itself and its message, its meaning. So why not embrace this approach? Why not encourage the photographer to develop their own intimate and unique perspective? Why not leave reality aside and instead "create" photographs just like painters would use their brush to apply colors on a blank canvas?

Infrared photography is a technique that does just that: it uses a different type of light to transforms reality into something else. Into a dialogue between the artist, the subject and viewer. Infrared shines a different light onto a subject. It modifies tonalities and contrasts in an image. It turns trees and other vegetation bright, while increasing contrast in the sky. Infrared is a different approach, one that goes beyond photography and bridges into the Fine Arts.

In this lecture, Sony Artisan of Imagery Thibault Roland will use his own work to present the concepts behind infrared photography, and how it can entirely transform your work. He will discuss some of the options to consider even before pressing the shutter trigger, as well as the equipment needed to capture these unique looking images. You will learn the different ways to obtain the infrared effect, and what options are available for you to shoot in infrared.

Learn more and register here.

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