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Patrick Murphy-Racey Photography Workshop: Portraits On Location & In The Studio

This lighting workshop will be sponsored by Wescott and all lighting equipment needed to shoot with will be provided. You can literally show up with just your camera bag. We will be using the Wescott FJ400 battery powered strobe units for all the location work. We will also have the FJ200 and FJ80 units available to check out if you want to try them out as well. We will use multiple light modifiers so that everyone will get to try the different looks each has to offer.


8-9am: Arrival meet & greet with coffee & donuts

9-9:30am: Instruction and Introduction to strobes and how they work

10am: Learning about light modifiers like grid-spots, fresnels, and various sized light banks from 24" to 90" in size

11am: LED shoot in the studio (LED's allow everyone to shoot at the same time with a model. We will shoot with one light, then two, then three, adding instruction as we go.

noon: lunch will be provided by the workshop and catered by Piesano's Pacchia restaurant (pizza, pasta, salad).

1pm: Depart for rustic shooting location where there will be six stations and four models (1938 Chevrolet Pickup Truck, swing with tree background, creek, rock wall, 1940's gas pump, prairie vista, & box wagon.)

1:15pm: Instruction on how High Speed Sync (HSS) works

1:30pm - 4:30pm: Shooting multiple models at six stations so that everyone will end up with many different images to add to their portfolios

5pm: meet back at Johnny Sundby Photography Studio to return equipment and have final slide show for those that want to participate in image review

7PM: Workshop concludes

**** The Covid19 Pandemic appears to be slowing down and it's my hope that by October 2021, we will be able to meet in person without danger. I have received both vaccination shots and am hoping that all attendees will also follow suit. While it is not required that you have your Covid19 vaccination to participate, you will all come at your own risk. Masks can be worn by participants but Patrick will not be wearing a mask unless the State of South Dakota mandates one in October, 2021.

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