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Shoot Alongside Sony Artisan Scott Robert Lim

This is a two-part workshop. Part 1 will be a class by master, international and Sony Artisan Scott Robert Lim on How To WOW With Composition - Creating Images With Impact and Part 2 will be a hands-on live shooting and portfolio building experience with models where Scott will demonstrate how he quickly poses, lights and composes a stunning environmental portrait in a few minutes. Understand lens and lighting choices, razor sharp and precise eye-focusing techniques, and the fundamental how and why behind Scott’s masterful imagery. Don’t miss this day of learning from one of the world’s best portrait artists.

Part 1 – How to WOW with Composition (at Precision Camera) 2-3:30pm

See your world in an all new way. Scott will share his award winning secrets on composition. More specifically, how to find the perfect “Scott Spot” for your subjects when shooting in busy and cluttered location. These techniques will add pop and wow to any portrait and can be implemented in your environmental workflow and immediately better your photography when properly executed. Sign up now for this highly informative class.

Part 2 Photo Walk – The Constant Light Advantage (TBA) 4-7pm

Don’t miss the moment…

Using constant light has many advantages over flash photography. It is the perfect match when using a mirrorless camera because WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). Constant light reduces the technical aspects and greatly increases the chance to capture “the moment”. This class will show you how to catch the subtleties and nuances of a portrait session, how to light your subjects with ease, expand your creativity and show you the benefits and advantages of using continuous lighting on location or in the studio. Learn how to reduce your set up time and increase your creativity. #losetheflash

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