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Sony Be Alpha Day At Henry's Camera Vancouver

Henry's and Sony are pleased to present a day full of lectures from Sony's top Alpha Photographers.


11:00am | Travel Portraiture 101: Braving the world and asking for a photo with Kate Siobhan Mulligan Does the idea of asking for a portrait scare you or make you hesitate? If you take a chance, do you rush and regret the results? Travel portrait maker Kate Siobhan Mulligan will demystify the process of approaching people, and breakdown best practices, tactics, settings and more. Kate has travelled all over the world and focused mostly on people portraits and moments. She will take a lot of the fear out of this wonderful way of meeting people and capturing unique, heartfelt travel portraits.

12:30pm | Photography in North Korea with photojournalist John Lehmann If you're curious about North Korea and want to hear what it's like to work there as a professional photographer, John Lehmann is giving a talk and showcasing a selection of images from his travels throughout the Hermit Kingdom.

2:00pm | Travel Portraiture 102: Taking your travel portraits to the next level with Kate Siobhan Mulligan If you're already approaching people for portraits on your travels, then join travel portrait photographer Kate Siobhan Mulligan to go further. Kate will look at portraying humanity, fostering authentic reactions, adding layers of interest, ethics, storytelling, and more. She is a believer in respectful, empowering, creative portraiture, whether at home or abroad. Join her to explore this dynamic topic.

3:00pm | Photographing the Olympic Gamers with John Lehmann As a photojournalist or sports photographer covering the Olympics, you're constantly looking for and shooting athletes at the peak of their performance, or looking for an image that shows the emotional high of winning or the silence of defeat. John Lehmann's talk will showcase a selection of images from the six Olympic Games he has covered.

John Lehmann is one of the top photojournalists in North America. He was most recently named Canadian photojournalist of the year in 2012, 2013 and 2014 and 2015.

Kate Siobhan Mulligan is a worldwide portrait photographer who believes in respectful, empowering portraiture, whether at home or abroad. She is CEO of The Giving Lens—bringing together travel photography and humanitarian NGO work. She has travelled to more than 45 countries and in all of them made portraits and learned a lot along the way. Good thing she's an established photo educator and is excited and ready to share her knowledge about travel portraits, seeing the world, and making friends along the way.

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