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Travel, Extreme Sports And Self Portraits All In One Day At Henry's In Vancouver

Join the team from Sony and three speakers at Henry's in Vancouver for this exciting day of photography lectures and presentations. These three female photographers are at the top of their game and willing to share their secrets with you.

10:30am Lecture: Photography From The Knife Edge: Pushing Past Fear with Sony Alpha Female Erin Hogue

Join Professional Photographer Erin Hogue for talk showcasing Erin’s latest work from the edge. As one of a very small collection of female photographers in the action sports and lifestyle industry, Erin’s unique perspective creates captivating photos that have gained worldwide recognition. Inspired by a challenge and adventure, Erin seeks out situations that will push the limits and drive creativity. Whether snowmobiling in Whistler, camping in Alaska, repelling down cliffs or hanging out of a helicopter, Erin does whatever it takes to get the shot. Featured in: Transworld Snowboarding, Snowboarder, Woman’s Health, Flare Fashion Magazine, MTV, ESPN and X-Games.

12:30pm Lecture: Captured: Making Quick Creative Decisions When Traveling with Kate Siobhan Mulligan

Too often when we travel we're completely overwhelmed: everything is fascinating, beautiful, and photogenic. As photographers our knee-jerk reaction is to photograph all of it - we're visual creatures, after all - but too often we come home with some okay pictures of how it looked, but lacking depth. Travel Photographer Kate Siobhan Mulligan will share some of her best tactics for making creative decisions on the fly, turning potential snapshots into purposeful images. She shares mistakes, missed moments, and what she wish she'd known 10 years ago when she began her journey into travel photography. Kate is an energetic and engaging speaker, so join us for this 1 1⁄2 hour immersion into creative travel photography - and stay for the chance to meet and talk with Kate afterwards

2:30pm Lecture: Finding Passion Through Self Portraiture with Lizzy Gadd

Canadian photographer Lizzy Gadd has been working through a 12-year processing of finding connection with nature and empowerment through vulnerability both in front of the camera and operating the camera. Lizzy will share her journey into photography with a combination of landscapes with self portraiture, behind the scenes stories of the challenges faced on these shoots and the process that has brought her to the forefront of self portraiture.

For more information and to register, please email: vancouver@henrys.com

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