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Sony Public Profiles Photo Guidelines


Sometimes a photo you’d like to showcase in your gallery will be rejected when attempting to upload it. In the majority of the cases, the number one reason a photo will get rejected is file size. The maximum jpeg file size allowed is 10 megabytes (MB).

If your file size is under 10MB, then here are some other reason for which your photos will be rejected:

Images will be automatically flagged for review and/or rejected if the content photographed meets any of the following criteria:

  1. Adult content: This may contain elements such as nudity, pornographic images or cartoons, or sexual activities.

  2. Racy: This may include (but is not limited to) skimpy or sheer clothing, strategically covered nudity, lewd or provocative poses, or close-ups of sensitive body areas.

  3. Spoof: The likelihood that a modification was made to the image's canonical version to make it appear funny or offensive.

  4. Medical: An image depicting a medical environment or condition.

  5. Violence: An image depicting a violent action or inciting violence.

In addition to the automated flagging and rejection process, we also offer our community the ability to report any images that may depict any of the above elements. The reporting function is available for individual photos in a member’s gallery, or for an overall member profile. Photos flagged by the community will be placed in “quarantine” for a team member’s evaluation. Abuse of the reporting function will result in a member’s immediate removal from the community.


Sony Camera users have a few additional features available when showcasing their photos.

EXIF Data: If the uploaded files have EXIF (metadata) recorded, images taken with a Sony camera will show the EXIF data on the expanded image view. The following data points may be shown, if available:

  1. Camera Name

  2. Lens Name

  3. Focal Length

  4. Aperture

  5. Exposure

  6. ISO

SONY “Verified” Images: In order to receive the “Verified Sony Photo” tag, the image must be uploaded with EXIF data confirming the image was taken with a Sony camera. We will rely on our community’s candor when uploading files.

Community Gallery: Only Sony “Verified” images (see above) will be showcased on our Community Gallery. The curation of the Community Gallery will be based on likes received by photos, as well as editorial selection.

For more information on all of the above, please read our Frequently Asked Questions.

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