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"A Truly Spectacular Camera" -Imaging-Resource

As part of their rolling review, Imaging-Resource has just completed their evaluation of the Sony RX10 III. In the concluding writeup Mike Tomkins writes:

[H]andling is superb. The Sony RX10 III is comfortable and well-balanced in-hand, and boasts three rings around the lens for zoom, focus and aperture control. (The latter even offers the choice of an optional click-detent or a smooth, clickless rotation, useful when shooting video.) The result is a shooting experience that's extremely intuitive, and very reminiscent of what you'd get when shooting with an SLR camera -- just with an electronic viewfinder, and a fixed lens."


"Nor is this a camera aimed just at stills shooting. Ultra high-def 4K, high-def video at up to 120 fps capture rates, and some impressively slow-motion video are all possible in-camera. Helping maximize image quality, there's also high bit-rate XAVC S compression, and video is recorded using full pixel readout with no quality-degrading binning as in many cameras. The RX10 III also offers up both external microphone and headphone connectivity"

In the wrapup, naming the camera a "clear Dave's Pick", Tomkins writes:

"[T]he Sony RX10 III deserves a wholehearted recommendation. It's a truly spectacular camera which will handle most typical shooting situations with aplomb, and it will let you leave a whole kit's worth of interchangeable-lens gear at home..."



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