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“The Most Advanced Camera We’ve Ever Used.” – The SnapChick’s Epic Review Of The α7R IV

Brittany Leigh "The SnapChick" has tested and reviewed a wide variety of photography gear, but nothing has impressed her quite like the Sony α7R IV. The camera has become her go-to when she just needs to get the work done. In her latest epic review she discusses things like the different detection and tracking modes and how they’re better than any other camera, what you can expect in the image quality and why Sony’s native lenses are an added plus. Read some of the highlights below and watch the video for her full review.

See why this photographer reaches for her Sony α7R IV when she needs to get the job done.

“...when you want the most help, and the most useful features, the most resolution (in the case of the α7R IV), the most flexibility to shoot the way that you want – Sony is the leader of the pack. For me, it is the most efficient while allowing me to express my creativity in any way that I can come up with. I enjoy using all sorts of cameras, but this one is probably my most reliable in the most situations.”

“I had zero issues focusing the camera in any given situation, including low light. Along with that, the reliable detection and tracking features make it so that the camera gets out of my way, so to speak. I’m not fumbling with focus. I can simply get the shots I want.”

“A viewer asked me, is the detection and tracking that much better than other brands? And here’s what I have to say from personal experience using many brands including many of the current generation cameras out there. Yes, overall Sony’s detection and tracking technology is more reliable – especially when considering real-time autofocus. And it’s also the easiest to use.”

“Overall image quality is, as I would expect from Sony and using Sony lenses – very, very good. What else can I say? The images...they look wonderful.”

“I see the smaller mirrorless bodies as a benefit because I do have my camera in my hands a lot. I travel a lot. I hike with my camera often. It’s nice to have the smaller and lighter mirrorless systems. Even if I’m using a big lens, I like the compact form factor.”

“Sony does have a complete lineup of over 50 lenses dedicated to their mirrorless format, and I haven’t been disappointed with one yet. And their G Master series, like my 24mm f/1.4 are above and beyond the pack. This means that while Nikon is doing initial releases of f/1.8 prime lenses, Sony is already likely looking toward their next generation of lenses given the completeness and competence of the current set.”

Watch the full review here:


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After Taking The α7R IV On Assignment, This Pro Sold All Of His Canon Gear

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