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4K- What It Is, Why It Matters And Why You Should Be Using It Now

Motion and still shooters alike have a lot of questions about 4K. There’s a lot of information and misinformation about the benefits of the image quality and about the challenges of the workflow. With all of the noise and misunderstandings it's no wonder so many area asking the question: Should I be using 4K?

The answer is simple... “Yes”.

And we'll show you why. In the videos below we explain just what 4K is, why it matters, what are the benefits and how you can use 4K for both still and motion work today.

Sony Artisan Jeff Berlin has shot fashion in New York and Milan and he’s now transitioning to cinematography work. As a long-time professional, Berlin constantly seeks the very best image quality and as he moved into motion work, he naturally gravitated to 4K. In this video, he explains just what 4K is, he busts some of the common myths surrounding 4K and he sums why you should be shooting 4K now.

The Eyenamics team is among the most sought after wedding videographers working today. At the WPPI 2016 show in Las Vegas they shot the Sony Wedding Bash which was a real wedding with over 800 guests. In this video, Amber explains how and why Eyenamics shoots 4K. There’s no question about the benefits.

You’ve probably heard a lot about the notion of pulling still images from your 4K footage. There’s a lot of confusion about the possibilities exactly how to do it. In this video, Jeff Berlin walks through the process of pulling a hi-res still frame from his 4K video using Catalyst Browse software which is free and is available for both OSX and Windows platforms. Working in 4K, Berlin can shoot his motion project and deliver professional-level still images to his clients simultaneously.

Patrick Murphy-Racey is one of the great sports photographers of all time. The former Sports Illustrated staffer also frequently works in 4K. For a lot of us, the most challenging aspect of 4K filmmaking can be having great audio at the same high level as the video. In filmmaking circles there’s a saying that bad audio is unwatchable. Murphy-Racey shows 2 simple, inexpensive tools that you can connect to a Sony mirrorless camera to bring up your audio quality to match your 4k video.


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