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Hey Bear!

Luminous Landscape's Kevin Raber recently had the opportunity to take a very special trip to photograph bear. He could have chosen any camera system and his final decision was the α6300. He writes, "The α6300, like many other Sony cameras, is a powerhouse disguised by its smaller size. I have owned a lot of cameras in my career, but I moved over to mirrorless a few years ago and now own the Fuji, Olympus, and Sony mirrorless systems. I even wrote an article about my last trip with my Nikons, and you know something, I have never looked back or suffered any remorse.

"Shooting these big bears was going to be different. I knew I would need a camera capable of a fast frame rate and a lens that would allow me to capture the action. I also knew that whatever lens I brought would need to be a zoom lens, as at times the bears would be very close and I couldn’t risk missing a shot due to using a fixed long lens. I also knew I wouldn’t want to worry about changing lenses in the outdoor environment we would be shooting in.

He continues, "After a lot of deliberation, I finally settled on the Sony α6300 and Sony 70-400mm lens. The problem here was that Sony has two types of lens mounts, an “A” mount for their older camera lines, and an “E” mount for the newer lines, including my α6300. Luckily, this is where Sony shines, as they also make adapters. This allowed me to use my 70-400mm lens with the α6300. I settled on the LEA-3 Adapter, as it would also act as a mount converter and would retain the camera’s focus capabilities. As you can see from the set-up images, it worked out to be an excellent choice.

"Being an APS-C camera, there would be a magnification factor of 1.5 when using a full frame lens like my Sony 70-400mm. This gave me the full frame equivalent of a 105mm-600mm in a very compact system."

See the full article at Luminous-Landscape.


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