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Alongside Steve Jobs-Guy Kawasaki Interviews 5 Extraordinary "Women Of Influence"

In the fall of 2015, shortly after the release of Aaron Sorkin’s film, Steve Jobs, a unique group of executives gathered to discuss what it was like to work with Jobs in his early years at Apple, NeXT and Pixar. This group of executives was largely left out of Sorkin’s film despite working closely with Jobs and helping to guide the evolution of the companies and their products. They gathered to talk about their experiences and to give their perspectives on working with Steve Jobs...and they were all women.

In addition to the panel discussion, Guy Kawasaki had an opportunity to interview this remarkable group of five business leaders and Sony Artisans of Imagery Michael Rubenstein and Jeff Berlin shot the footage with Sony cameras. You can see the interviews as well as the behind the scenes discussions with The Women Of Influence.

Behind The Scenes at the Women Of Influence event captured by Sony cameras and Sony Artisans of Imagery.



Guy Kawasaki interviews Joanna Hoffman, who is a marketing leader and one of the original members of Jobs’ Apple team and his NeXT team.


Guy Kawasaki interviews Susan Barnes. Barnes was Controller of Apple’s Macintosh Division and cofounded NeXT alongside Steve Jobs.


Guy Kawasaki interviews Barbara Koalkin Barza, who was the Product Marketing Manager for the Macintosh at Apple and Director of Marketing at Pixar.


Guy Kawasaki interviews Debi Coleman. Coleman worked as the finance and operations chief at Macintosh and Apple for over a decade. She was also the second woman to join the original Macintosh team in the early days at Apple.


Guy Kawasaki interviews Andy Cunningham who was the publicist for Steve Jobs at Apple, NeXT and Pixar. Cunningham is also the founder of the marketing innovation consultancy, Cunningham Collective.

Full panel discussion with the Women Of Influence moderated by Kate Hafner.



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