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Alpha Female+ Year 3: All About The Community, Collaboration & Creating

Over the past two years, after evolving our program into Alpha Female+, we’ve provided grants and gear to a group of extraordinary creators who have created breakthrough visual projects highlighting the beauty of the human experience. We’re proud and honored to have had an opportunity to partner with these creators and bring their work to life. 

You can be a part of our Alpha Female community. Join our Facebook group HERE and follow us on Instagram HERE.

How You Can Be A Part Of Alpha Female+

As we enter the third year of Alpha Female+, we’re evolving the program once more, this time with the two-fold intent of offering the community a chance to get involved and show support directly for the splendid work fellow creators are bringing into the world every day. For the prior iterations of the program the community would only see the winner of each round and not all the applications that came in. Now, we’re thrilled to give the community the opportunity not only to participate, but also see how others are participating, and make it very easy to do so. 

Win A $500 Grant

Starting today, May 2nd, the Alpha Female+ contest is moving to our growing community on Facebook, where each week, for the next 48 weeks, members will have an opportunity to win a $500 micro-grant that they can use however they see fit. To enter the contest, members will need to post a photo or short video with a caption in response to a theme that we will publish every Monday morning. The winner will be announced on Wednesday.

The inaugural weekly theme is “Alpha Female”—what it means to you, how you see it, what you want it to be: the decision on what to showcase in response is all yours. Before you post, I encourage you to read the contest rules for important information about eligibility, how the contest will be judged, and key dates for each weekly contest. 

Join Us On Facebook 

If you’re not yet a member of our Alpha Female group on Facebook, I invite you to join. Our mission and participation rules are provided when you request to enter the group. Once there, you’ll be able to post your creations and collaborate with our supportive and insightful community of creators who are brought together by our mission to make our industry a more equal and representative place. 

We live in a world where real human connection is hard to come by and supportive virtual interactions are even rarer. Our group has shown us over the last couple of years that it’s capable of both. Members have connected and made new friends, exchanged ideas with people they look up to, boldly shared their work, and showed sincere support for those seeking feedback and insight. That’s goodness that demands to be multiplied. So our hope is that every visual creator who believes in the Alpha Female mission will join our group, post their work to the weekly micro-grant contest, and participate in the many interesting conversations taking place in the group. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being seen and heard, and our community provides both. 

Good luck and see you in the group!

Join us on Facebook HERE and follow us on Instagram HERE.



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