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Best Camera(s) For Travel

The Sony α6000 series cameras are known for being small, lightweight cameras that produce high quality images. Traveling weight is an important factor when considering which gear to put in your bag and after all, the best camera is the one you have with you. With the Sony α6000 series cameras you will be able to have a camera that is "much more portable and is far less conspicuous than a bigger camera." - Andy's Travel Blog


Debra Schroeder of TravelWellForLess.com starts with the Sony α6000 for her 19-day world trip. "Specifically, I bring one of my Nikon DSLR cameras, either the D50 with the 18-200 lens or the D7000 with 18-300 lens, aka the big cameras... So I needed a camera that was small, light enough to bring with me all the time, and takes great pictures. In other words, the Sony α6000.

"The Sony α6000 only weighs 1 pound. Yep, 1 little pound. Half the weight of my Nikon D50. And one fifth the weight of my Nikon D7000. That’s a huge weight off my neck (pun totally intended).

"I love that it fits in my bag. I can bring it with me at all times. All those moments when you’re like, “Oh, I wish I had my camera.” Nope, not gonna happen anymore. Because you’ve got your little amazing camera with you." - Debra Schroeder, TravelWellForLess.com


Andy's Travel Blog touts the Sony α6300 as a game changer in the APS-C camera world. "The a6300 is tiny, even compared to the small α7R II. It’s not quite small enough to put in a pocket (depending on the lens I have on it) but it’s much more portable and is far less conspicuous than a bigger camera. Combine that with a Silent Shooting mode (where you cannot hear the shutter noise) and it’s almost perfect for street photography.

"...If you want 4K video alongside an amazing still camera, it’s hard to beat this package.

"If you’re already used to carrying around a few lenses with you then this one is a no-brainer." - Andy's Travel Blog

Christopher Lin of SLRLounge.com recently took the Sony α6500 on a trip to Southeast Asia to see how well the camera traveled. "If you’re looking for a small, durable, reasonably priced, high-performance camera for your travels, this is definitely a camera you want to check out.

"The ability to shoot up to 107 RAW consecutive frames will come in handy if your travel adventures take you on wildlife adventures or any situations where shooting fast moving subjects is important.

"There is no denying the excellent image quality, solid performance in dynamic range, image stabilization, and ISO quality." - Christopher Lin, SLRLounge.com


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α6300 Is An Imaging Resource Enthusiast Top Mirrorless Camera Of 2016

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