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CNET's Best Cameras of 2016: Sony Wins Big

α7R II: Best Full-Frame ILC, Best Mirrorless, Best Full-Frame Mirrorless

"Overall, the Sony α7R II is a great camera for folks who need a high-resolution full-frame model in a more compact design than is available in a dSLR."

"This high-resolution, full-frame camera fits more features and top-flight quality into its compact design compared to a comparably priced dSLR."

"With features like 4K video and a high-resolution full-frame sensor, this camera delivers a lot in a more compact design than available in a dSLR."

α7: Best Full-Frame Value

The Sony α7 delivers excellent photo and video quality in a well-designed camera that's enjoyable to shoot with."

α6300: Best Mirrorless for Enthusiasts

"The Sony α6300 delivers class-leading photo and video quality, plus good performance and features for shooting action."

α6000: Best Mirrorless ILC Value

"Advanced photographers who want something smaller than a dSLR will find the α6000 is a great overall camera for the money."

RX100: Best Cheap Compact

"The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100's compact, elegant design, generally excellent photo quality, bright, fast lens, and speedy performance make a great package..."

RX100 IV: Best Compact for Video

"A nice choice if you're looking for an advanced compact with class-leading video capabilities..."

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