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CreativeLive's Best Camera For Travel

In today's post on the CreativeLive blog, Justin Katz looks at the best camera, lens & accessories for travel. "You want to immortalize your trip, and make everyone back home, well, jealous of the places you have been. What you need is the best camera, lens, and gear for travel photography to help you capture your experiences in the best way possible." 

Katz continues, "There are, of course a lot of different cameras and lenses that will work well for travel photography, but my personal recommendation for the best camera for travel photography is the Sony α6000/α6300. Being able to stick this in your pocket and bring it everywhere, but also have the full control of any DSLR camera, is really invaluable." 

"On first glance, it may seem like a step-down for many photographers, but this camera is in the bag of many professional landscape photographers, including Matt Kloskowski, and Chris Burkard. They trust it to capture their portfolio-worthy shots, because it gets the job done and it does it well."

For a lens, Katz writes, "The best lens for travel photography (is one that stays on your camera and captures everything you want). I am guilty of breaking my own recommendation here, as I bring multiple lenses almost everywhere I go. Having said that, I completely see the value in a high-quality lens that offers you the ability to shoot wide, and zoom into a scene. Therefore, my ideal lens for travel photography is the Zeiss 16-70mm F/4. The optical quality is superb, and the ability to walk around with one lens and never feel like you are missing the shot makes it the perfect lens for travel photography."



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