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Creators' Cloud Creators' App Launches

Sony releases “Creators’ App”, a companion app for Sony’s recently released Creators’ Cloud platform that supports creative work from shooting to production by combining advanced Sony camera technology with cloud-based AI. It provides mobile and web-based PC apps with efficient solutions that integrate cameras with shooting and production apps and services. Creators’ Cloud provides a centralized location to store your photos and videos and a place to discovery and collaborate with other creators around the world.

The new Creators’ App provides anyone with a Creators’ Cloud account seamless coordination of their photos and video. The app has many features including a home screen highlighting new information, updates and links to other apps and services provided in the cloud.

Pairing cameras to Creators' App makes it easy to use convenient features, including remote controlling your camera using your smartphone or transferring photos and videos from your camera to your smartphone which can then be uploaded to the cloud.

Control cameras remotely from a smartphone* With Creators' App, you can use your smartphone as a remote control for cameras. This enables remote shooting, which may be useful for group shots, keeping a camera still for long exposures like night scenes, or for selfie shooting situations. Other convenient operations include checking camera battery and media information and setting the date, time, or camera name from the smartphone.

Easily transfer photos and videos anytime, anywhere

Transfer photos and videos directly from a connected camera to your smartphone. Transfer is also possible during shooting or when cameras are off or charging. If you're involved in creative work, you may enjoy the flexibility of transferring only rated or shot-marked files.

The ‘Storage’ feature shows your photos and videos stored in Creators’ Cloud, and on your smartphone, which you can manage and uploads to your cloud storage. JPEG and MP4 videos can be uploaded regardless of which device they were taken on; a Sony camera, a different camera brand or even your smartphone.


Like the Creators’ Cloud website, Creators’ App provides a platform where your can showcase your work, connect with other creators from around the  world and learn from the professionals. The Discover feature showcases photo and video projects in the Gallery tab from other Creators on the platform, tailored to you. The ‘Explor’ tab give you the fredon to search by filters for projects, creators, or even image captured with specific cameras and lenses. Learn from the professionals on the Artiles tab which features content directly from Alpha universe. You can also create and share your own projects directly from the app.

The Creators’ App is available for both Android and Apple iOS devices and can be downloaded from the App Store/Google Play.

See more about Creators' Cloud HERE. You can go to the Creators' Cloud website HERE.  


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Sony’s Creators’ Cloud Brings The Power Of Camera & Cloud To Creators Worldwide

Creators’ Cloud Rolls Out With Storage & Networking Features

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