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David Pogue Reviews The α6300

In his hands-on review of the Sony α6300, David Pogue kicks off with a commentary about Apple's taken with iPhone billboard campaign. "What you may not have noticed is that they’re all basically snapshots. The subjects are either landscapes or people five feet away. There’s not much freezing of motion, not much low light." We couldn't agree more. Smartphones can do some amazing things, but to capture the full range of life as it's happening requires a full-featured camera.

Pogue used the Sony α6300 to shoot a range of still photos and video in situations that would leave a smartphone hunting in vein to find focus and he writes, "You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who will declare that any rival camera on earth produces better images and videos. The Sony α6300, for its size and price, rips apart anything else on the market."


"In the last few years, a company once left for dead in the camera marketplace has come screaming back, eating Nikon’s and Canon’s lunches in certain categories of camera: Sony. Its magic formula: Stuff great big sensors into tiny little cameras." -David Pogue

See the full review and the pictures and videos that Pogue shot with the α6300. 


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