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Deadliest Catch's New Night Shooter: The Sony α7S

Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch changed television. Over the last 11 seasons we've had front-row seats as the likes of Sig Hansen, the Hillstrand Brothers, the late Phil Harris and many others have chased the crab in one of the most hazardous jobs in the world. Each season the producers and their crews use the latest equipment to create an ever more vivid look at life on a crab boat working the unforgiving Bering Sea. For Season 12, that tradition continues as they bring the Sony α7S to the fleet to be able to essentially shoot in the dark.

In an article about Deadliest Catch adopting the α7S on the Shutterstock blog, award-winning filmmaker Michael Maher writes, "The Sony α7S was chosen because of the stunning footage in can capture in seemingly pitch black conditions." and "With such high definition and outrageous ISO levels, the α7S and α7S II have become some of the most popular video cameras on the market. The technology within has also added better low-light capabilities to other Sony cameras, like the recently announced Sony α6500 — which has a max ISO of 51200 for stills and 25600 for video."

Maher also quotes Deadliest Catch camera operator Casey Kusyk about using the α7S for the show. "This camera works really well in low light. It basically sees in the dark, so we don’t have to use a night-vision camera anymore."

It's worth noting that Deadliest Catch season 12 was shot in 2015, before the α7S II came out. We'll have to wait and see how the newer models plays into the show's plans for season 13. 

You can read Maher's full article here.  



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