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Engadget Reviews The Sony α7S III “...it's simply the best camera I’ve ever tested.”

Steve Dent of Engadget recently posted his review of the Sony α7S III. In the review, he takes a look at the camera’s body and handling, and tests its video and photo capabilities. Read more from the review below to see why he declares the α7S III, “the best mirrorless camera for video, and almost everything else.”

“Feature for feature, it's simply the best camera I’ve ever tested.” – Engadget reviews the Sony α7S III

Dent has a lot to say about the camera’s body and handling. He likes that it is nearly identical to the Sony α7R IV because he considers that to be Sony’s best handling camera yet. He says it feels natural to hold and use and that the new menu system makes it much easier to find settings and remember where you are. 

“Better still, the main and quick menus can be fully operated using the 3-inch touchscreen. With all of Sony’s previous cameras, the touch display was only useful for setting touch focus. Now, you can adjust things without any buttons, which is particularly useful when you’re filming with the display toward yourself. It also fully articulates, which is really a must these days for a video-centric camera. It’s now feasible to use this camera for vlogging or solo shooting.”

Not only is it feasible, Dent thinks it’s the best out there for vloggers who want the highest quality.

“I think the α7S III is also the best vlogging camera on the market, period, thanks to the flip-out screen, mic input, stabilization, high-quality video and eye autofocus. It’s also small and light enough to carry around for long stretches.”

“Its superpower, though, is low-light shooting. Much like nightsight mode on smartphones, this is stupidly useful in so many situations. I found I could get usable shots with manageable noise at up to ISO 51,200 if I exposed correctly or allowed for some underexposure…”

Because of the camera’s low light performance and video capabilities, he says the 12.1 megapixel α7S III was worth the five-year wait.

“I can’t find many faults with this camera. Sony has addressed nearly every complaint I’ve ever had about previous α7-series cameras, but it didn’t just stop there. It also improved autofocus and other features that I already liked, keeping the α7S III far ahead of rivals.”

“...if you’re into video or low-light photography and have the budget, I’d highly recommend the α7S III. Feature for feature, it's simply the best camera I’ve ever tested.”

Read the full review.

See more on the α7S III HERE.


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“A Technical Masterpiece” – Gerald Undone’s Deep Dive Into The α7S III

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